As I seek re-election to the County Board, I am proud of my record of thoughtful, respected leadership.

In all of the decisions that the County Board makes, I take the same approach:  thoughtfully consider the issues, listen to other points of view and decide responsibly with a focus on the long-term. I proactively communicate with and respond to constituents and businesses in my district. And I bring the concerns and perspectives of this district to the decision-making process, whether the issue is libraries, transportation, public safety, social services, health care or the environment.

It has been my privilege to represent this district on the Hennepin County Board and now to serve as chair of the County Board. Please lend me your support as I seek re-election in 2016.

Thank you,

Jan Callison


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Transforming Lives

Opportunities to learn, engage... and relax Excelsior Library, Excelsior

Opportunities to learn, engage… and relax
Excelsior Library, Excelsior